WooCommerce is a widely-used, open-source eCommerce tool that allows you to transform your WordPress page into an online store, making it easier to sell items online. As WordPress makes up around 30% of the internet, it explains why WooCommerce has become a favourite among many and it even provides one of its greatest attributes; the benefit of WordPress search engine optimization. With that being said, it is clear why it is the top CMS for SEO.

WooCommerce Development

WooCommerce WordPress SEO

In addition to designing special extensions for WooCommerce, I can also put in the Yoast SEO plugin. This plugin will assist in optimizing your search engine results.

WooCommerce WordPress SEO

Is WooCommerce right for you?

I take the time to learn about your company and eCommerce requirements to determine which platform is suitable for you. In the event that you already have a WordPress website, then WooCommerce can be the solution. Not only does it offer the benefits of linking WordPress with WooCommerce as well as being easy to optimize for search engines, but also other desirable characteristics that contribute to the increased attractiveness of WooCommerce as an eCommerce system.

It’s Free

Although using third-party payment applications and other extensions may come with a fee, the basic platform of WooCommerce is offered at no cost. This means that any company is able to reap the benefits without having to commit to pricey contracts or proprietary computer software licenses. Additionally, not having to pay for the app does not limit the performance and precision of WooCommerce. In fact, WooCommerce is regarded as a popular and highly competitive eCommerce platform.

It’s Scalable

The present size of your business may not be big. Still, it will increase in the future, so you need an application that can support a constantly expanding retail shop without creating too much complexity in the early stages when the business grows. WooCommerce can power stores with just a few products to thousands of products and from a few customers per day to hundreds a minute.

It’s Customisable

Your business and brand is one-of-a-kind, and so is WooCommerce. Together, using my working style that emphasizes collaboration, we can tailor your theme to fit your brand, user experience, and lead conversion optimization. We can also enhance additional capabilities and develop your online store as your business expands.

Powerful Analytics

WooCommerce offers a complete package of analytical insights that are shown in a straightforward interface. Furthermore, it's simple to link up WooCommerce with Google Analytics. Being informed about your customers and the way they engage with your digital store and items will bring about better decisions for your business and marketing plans.

WooCommerce is WordPress

The benefit of WooCommerce starting off as a WordPress plugin is immense, as WordPress is the most widely used CMS on the globe due to its versatility and functionality. 30% of businesses around the world settle on WordPress as they recognize it has the ability to provide the best operated websites which are safe, fast and easy to use.

Wolrd-class content management

Content is at the very core of eCommerce marketing, conversion optimisation and SEO. WordPress and WooCommerce combined provide various content administration resources, such as landing pages, blogging, email marketing and product information. I also provide continual backing, including help and advice with any of the digital marketing techniques mentioned above, along with being an eCommerce WordPress developer.

Why choose a Sydney based developer?

I’ve been a freelance WordPress and WooCommerce programmer based in Sydney for the majority of the last ten years. To ensure that all projects run smoothly, it is essential for clear communication, and the best results are achieved through in-person contact with clients. Regardless of whether you are located elsewhere in the country, conversations over the phone or video calls on apps such as Whatsapp and Skype can be held. If you’re within the Sydney area and require the help of a WooCommerce developer, let’s get together and grab a cup of coffee.1

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