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Do you realize that out of all available marketing methods, whether it be online or offline, Electronic Direct Mail (EDM) still furnishes the highest rate of profit? Actually, mailing yields are seven times higher than on ads or webpages. Despite that, an email strategy is essential, and that is where I can assist.

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What is EDM Marketing?

EDM marketing is a modern take on traditional direct mail marketing. It involves sending out emails to market a product or service, and the cost-per-acquisition is relatively low. However, the email does not make the sale; it simply redirects people to a landing page that provides more information about the product or service, such as features and benefits. This landing page may also include images, graphics, or videos to give potential customers a better idea of what they are getting.

People have to read the email to click the hyperlink inside it – you may find this hard to believe, but that’s often the most difficult part. So, how do we encourage people to open and read the emails we send? The answer is great email copywriting. Crafting an effective email is its kind of art. That’s why I prefer to use professional copywriters for the marketing emails I create for my customers. Every word counts regarding the subject line, heading and body copy; you don’t want to write anything too long because people don’t like reading lengthy emails – it’s best to keep it brief.

Measuring Email Campaigns

When examining the success of an email campaign, I pay attention to the following five key performance indicators:

Measuring Email Campaigns

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