Stoned Ape

This play has been no exception. Ian’s tight comic writing and incredible cast will make you laugh out loud while gritting your teeth


This website showcases the productions of “The Stoned Ape,” a play written by Ian Leete. It provides information on the cast and performances, as well as a blog aimed at raising awareness about divorce for modern men and the abuse of the legal system for financial gain. Additionally, the website includes links to local community resources on the topic.


To sell tickets to the play


  • One-page info site
  • Links to the booking system of the theatre
  • Present reviews

Key Features and Functionalities

The website is developed using the following technologies:
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Design and User Experience

The website’s design and layout are strategically developed to effectively support its goals, empowering the user experience with clear direction towards positive outcomes.


Website Sections

This is a one-page website. The navigation Anchors access the different sections

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