Sales Made Simple

An online video-based learning management system that would help people master the sales

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Sales Made Simple is the brainchild of Julian Martin. He is the successful author of the book Sales Made Simple and approached me in early 2020 to create an online video-based learning management system that would help people master the sales technique of his successful book Sales Made Simple, published in 2003. The brand SMS had already been created for Julian some years prior, and my task was to create a learning management system that is fun and engaging to use. He also wanted to be able to record his video tutorials going on to develop other courses on sales-related matters.

Julian has 30 years of experience in sales and presentation and working to the camera as an actor.

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Having already successfully implemented previous systems for learning management online, I suggested a WordPress site with lifter LMS. This is an established e-learning platform with broad support globally and a well-established support foundation with integration into many other systems.

WordPress can also expand functionality into other plugins such as Mail Chimp, Thrive cart and Wishlist. The video component of the project required that we purchase and instal a studio into Julie Martin’s home. This was done under a low budget and required careful research into the most appropriate equipment. The Canon M50 was purchased with a tripod, backdrop, lighting and shotgun microphone. This was set up to reproduce any video content produced by Julian in the future. This video content was then handed to me to edit with title effects and animations to energise the learning material giving high value to the training content.

Web design was essential in building landing pages aligned to set market segments that Julian was looking to secure. The plan is to have fast landing page builds to emerging markets within Australia and use the US.

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