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Potts Point Vintage collectables is a local shop that sells vintage clothing.

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Potts Point Vintage collectables is a local shop that sells vintage clothing. As part of my campaign to boost local businesses, I approached Arnold Kieldgaard , the owner of Potts Points Vintage, to tell his Storey of how he started his business and some history about why he left his career as a tax auditor to pursue life above a shop . The interview was a big success and was published in the local Paper, Eastern Suburbs Life, together with a scannable link to stream the video in his shop. Arnold already had a current WordPress site but you too lack of maintenance updates a new website was required. Arnold’s budgets were very low so maximum results had to be obtained with minimal costs where Arnold could maintain and add products himself.
Online Shop Potts Point

The solutions

The solution to this problem is to build an interactive website with a templated page layout for the walking tours and a similar page template for the Theatre productions.  These pages incorporated on-topic historic photos and video coverage of the theatrical performance.

To cover the booking of the events, we looked to provide an online booking system that can host a range of regular and occasional events for both Tours and Performances, the payments to be dispersed between two separate PayPal accounts.

Online Shop Potts Point


The result is a modern mobile-friendly website that takes payments and has Arnold feeling re-energised with his business and engaged with his online brand. Many of his neighbouring businesses having folded due to cover-19, the online shop gives Arnie ambition to expand his sales and engage his online audience outside of his immediate reach. There is still lots to do with for Arnold, including the propagation of his beautiful collectables onto the timelines of social accounts of his fans and followers. One new website for the internet, one giant leap for Arnie. We also integrated all of Arnold’s reviews into one place that runs live with his social accounts.
Online Shop Potts Point
Onine Shop Potts Point

Good luck Arnold

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