Making Waves Foundation

By making a difference in the lives of disadvantaged and disabled individuals, the Making Waves Foundation strives to positively impact the community.

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The main purpose of the Making Waves Foundation website project is to showcase the organization’s efforts in empowering disadvantaged and disabled young people. The website aims to attract sponsors to support the programs through compelling video stories from clients and volunteers. It is part of an ongoing project to raise the profile of the foundation.


The solution targets three main audiences:

  • Sponsors: Corporations and individuals who are potential partners willing to financially support the programs.
  • Schools: Educational institutions catering to students aged 8 to 18, encouraging them to participate in the foundation’s programs.
  • Local Community: Retired members of the sailing community or individuals interested in sailing who can volunteer to run the sailing programs.

Key Features and Functionalities

  • Interactive Animation: Engaging and interactive animations to captivate users and deliver the message effectively.
  • Integrated LMS for Volunteers: A Learning Management System (LMS) integrated into the website for efficient volunteer training and management.
  • Form Integration with CRM: Smooth integration of forms with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system for easy payments, registrations, and bookings.
  • High-Quality Video Stories: Utilizing high-quality videos to showcase individual success stories and create emotional connections with the audience.

Technologies Used

The website is developed using the following technologies:

  • WordPress: The content management system used as the foundation for the website.
  • Elementor: A drag-and-drop page builder to design visually appealing pages.
  • Learndash LMS: For creating and managing the integrated Learning Management System.
  • Supporter Hub: A CRM system for managing sponsor information and interactions.
  • Streamdesk CRM: Another CRM system integrated into the website for handling different aspects of the organization’s operations.

Unique Selling Point

The website’s uniqueness lies in its seamless integration of brand style and storytelling through videos, animations, and page designs, despite operating on a low budget. The content has shifted from corporate-oriented to kid-friendly, establishing a strong emotional connection with the audience.

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Design and User Experience

The website’s design and layout are strategically developed to support its goals effectively. The user experience is empowering, guiding visitors with a clear sense of direction and positive outcomes.


Website Sections

The website is divided into the following sections:

    • Home Page
    • About Us
    • Programs
    • School Section
    • Volunteers Page
    • Sponsors
    • News Blog


Video Content

Part of the ongoing project is telling the stories of the people the Making Waves Foundation affects. Here are some of their stories:

Planned Improvements

Future improvements involve implementing SEO backlinking strategies to enhance the website’s visibility to corporate sponsors and schools.


The project’s vision is to provide local businesses and non-profits with powerful agency tools on a budget. By making a difference in the lives of disadvantaged and disabled individuals, the Making Waves Foundation strives to positively impact the community.