HQ Air Startup

HQAir is a cost-effective air and surface treatment system that safely and efficiently restores the balance of indoor air


The brief for this website was to create an interactive presentation of the environments in which HQ air conditioners operate, empowering potential customers to make informed decisions.


The solution targets three primary audiences:

  • Retail: provide examples of how air purification can affect retail spaces.
  • Hospitality: the benefits of- HQ Air for the hospitality industry and accommodation
  • Health:  HQ air is critical to health, specifically in the epidemic of recent years

Key Features and Functionalities

  • Interactivity: interactivity is a key component to empower the emotion of the site
  • Side-panelled mobile menus: The panel smooth mobile interface emphasises the quality of the brand
  • Particle effect: The particle effect is an interactive user interaction that is fun and empathetic to the air purification industry
  • Icon-driven advantages:  this graphic level of branding makes page digestion at a glance simple
  • Get a Quote:  a simple form to register interest.

Technologies Used

The website is developed using the following technologies:

  • WordPress:
  • Elementor:
  • Elements Kits
  • Jeg Elementor

Design and User Experience

The website’s design and layout are strategically developed to effectively support its goals, empowering the user experience with clear direction towards positive outcomes.


Website Sections

The website is divided into the following sections:

    • Home Page:
    • About Us: How it works, VOCs, Hydrolysis and ions
    • Application: – Retail, Hospitality, Education, Health, Office
    • Products: HQ Air Professional, HQ Air Industrial
    • Quote

Planned Improvements

Future improvements involve implementing SEO backlinking strategies to enhance the website’s visibility to corporate sponsors and schools.


To promote HQ Air’s technology in Government, business, and home office markets.

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