Digital Marketing

Making a digital footprint is a sure way to leave a pathway so people can find you. With your website live, leaving a clear path to find you, is vital in attracting and converting new customers. That’s where I can help.

With marketing, no one person can do everything, so I rely on a team that I can draw upon to ensure I get the best results. A successful website will need a strong digital presence. So let’s see how.

Digital Strategy

Every successful battle needs a strategy. I can develop that strategy to utilise all media channels including website, mobile, email, social media and traditional media. Done correctly; this strategy will help build trust in your brand and build your business goals. We want to keep your audience engaged and convert them to your customers.

Paid Search

It takes about three months before search engines build up your position on their search results. Having paid search or PPC can give your business the primary place in search results while generic rankings take effect. In smaller populations such as Australia, finding keywords that resonate with your audience can be found using limited paid ads which give you feedback relevant to your customer base.

Content Marketing

Also known as pulsing, content marketing is a long-term strategy to build a relationship with your target market. This means publishing engaging and relevant content regularly. Here’s how I can help.

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