Deadhouse Productions

An online booking system to showcase their tours and productions

WordPress | WooCommerce | Elementor 


Dead House Production’s required a website to list their local mystery tours and publish performances in local immersive theatre productions. The theme for both the theatre productions and the tours is the criminal history in Darlinghurst and Kings Cross, known as Razorville in the 1930s. The tours guide visitors around locations of murders and criminal activities while the theatre productions re-enact the local history and relive characterisations of the 1930s.


The current platform was Eventbrite which did not give them the ability to present illustrations of their work.

They looked for an online booking system to showcase their tours and productions. They also were looking for ongoing support to help market their tours and theatrical productions

Booking Website

The solutions

The solution to this problem is to build an interactive website with a templated page layout for the walking tours and a similar page template for the Theatre productions.  These pages incorporated on-topic historic photos and video coverage of the theatrical performance.

To cover the booking of the events, we looked to provide an online booking system that can host a range of regular and occasional events for both Tours and Performances, the payments to be dispersed between two separate PayPal accounts.

Tour Website

Part of the promotion of the local business is building packages that can co-promote local bars and restaurants with events and tours. Creating packages that can be published across the website.

Tour Website

The Result

The new website is hosted in WordPress and utilises Elementor in design components.  The new logo was designed to represent the new Business name Deadhouse Productions (the name of the Morgue used to store bodies who have died in prison or been executed). The eCommerce is driven by WooCommerce, and the booking system is created by the Booked plugin.

Walking Tour sWebsite

The crime blog feeds directly into social media to drive traffic to the booking site and to build an active marketing list of fans via Mailchimp. The blog builds on the passion for local history and performing arts held by the client.


Walking Tours Website
Shopping Basket