As a storyteller, I create compelling, branded stories. Keeping it simple, and keeping it creative, resulting in engagement and conversion.

It’s so difficult for many of us to create our content, and it’s the make or break of any website.

Although we can cut and copy from other articles, this will always result in Copyright issues, and plagiarism devalues your SEO.

With ever-shortening attention spans, copy needs to be succinct, and search engines want content in a specific way.

So before I start writing, I need to know the fine details of you and your business, your industry, your customers and of course your competitors. We then need to integrate keywords that will drive traffic to your site via the text. In the end, it’s up to you whether we work on your content together or I create your copy from scratch. Either way, we end up with persuasive, concise text that tells a story.

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