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WooCommerce Website

TV Remotes

Neto provides a unique solution where templates and plugins are developed within their own teams, making the speed and performance of the platform very competitive

LMS Website

Sales Made Simple

An online video-based learning management system that would help people master the sales

Art Website

Tate-Gilder Art

This website’s primary objective is to create revenue through the sale of her work, both art prints and books.

Cafe Website

Rustic French Bistro

Rustic French was to build a website for a local Bistro with menus, deliveries and reservations

Palazzo Colleziona

This client combines the power of Squarespace, Shopify and CIN7 Inventory control. This client has an existing Squarespace site that showcases their luxury brands.

Show Me Your Style

This project is for Gessica Marrlotta to start up a fashion community for ladies who would like fashion tips and advice for people who fall outside the fashion industry’s norm.

LIPA Pharmaceutical

Our engagement has been to transfer and rebrand their online presence to help them in their industry’s ever more competitive market.