Alison Muir Art

I try to immerse myself in water regularly. Water is the driving force in my ‘World’.


Redesign Alison Muir’s portfolio website from Squarespace to WordPress. The goal is to make it easy for the client to manage her portfolio and exhibitions independently. The website will feature her work for sale, divided into themes, and a list of her public and private collections. The website should also have a fresh and unique appearance, unlike Squarespace. I will also be redesigning the Alison Muir logo.

The website’s purpose is to represent Alison Life’s work to make the work available to the Textiles exhibition community and prospective buyers.


The solution targets three primary audiences:

  • Interactivity:  is a key component that allows the user to interact with the work and learn about Alison’s passion for politics
  • Mobile ready: The site needs to be easy to access on portable devices
  • Gallery: the function of the gallery is to make a sortable interface that shuffles the works to themes that can be arranged and developed in the future
  • Creative sections: these are soft divides that compliment the subject, giving a fluid look and feel
  • Interest registration: a simple form to register interest

Key Features and Functionalities

  • Interactivity: interactivity is a crucial component to empower the emotion of the site
  • Side-panelled mobile menus: The panel smooth mobile interface emphasises the quality of the brand
  • Particle effect: The particle effect is an interactive user interaction that is fun and empathetic to the air purification industry
  • Icon-driven advantages:  this graphic level of branding makes page digestion at a glance simple
  • Get a Quote:  a simple form to register interest.

Technologies Used

The website is developed using the following technologies:

  • WordPress:
  • Elementor:
  • Elements Kits
  • Jeg Elementor

Design and User Experience

The website’s design and layout are strategically developed to effectively support its goals, empowering the user experience with clear direction towards positive outcomes.


Website Sections

The website is divided into the following sections:

    • Home Page: Contains an artist statement and photo of Alison as well as a snapshot of Alison’s Instagram thoughts
    • For Sale:  This page contains all work available for purchase and can hold prices and categories. Alison can also adjust the layout to her preference via the Elementor Jeg Kit Application.
    • Collections: Public and Private
    • About:  This contact tells us more about Alison’s passion and personal life
    • The workshop is a snapshot of Alison Studio and how she is creating her Textiles.
    • Contact a Simple elementor form.
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